Stephen Thomas, University of Edinburgh: We collaborate on everything iron, trading ligands, complexes and ideas to advance both small molecule and big molecule transformations. Visit Steve’s group.

Phil Hands, University of Edinburgh: Based in the School of Engineering, Phil applies our polymers to novel problems in the fields of sensors, liquid crystals and high refractive index materials. Phil will have a website soon, I’m sure.

Tim Storr, Simon Fraser University: Our collaboration with the Storr group involves the cyclic voltammetry of non-innocent bis(imino)pyridine complexes and new cobalt catalysts for CRP. Visit Tim’s group.

Glen Briand, Mount Allison University: We collaborate with the Briand group on the ring opening polymerization of cyclic esters using indium complexes. Visit Glen’s group.

Chris Kozak, Memorial University of Newfoundland: Repurposed iron catalysts from the Kozak group have proved to be extremely efficient catalysts for controlled radical polymerization. Visit Kozak’s group.

Michael Buback, University of Göttingen: The Buback group investigate mechanistic mysteries with a combination of lasers, detectors and extreme conditions – a powerful combination. Visit Michael’s group.

Jason Pearson, University of Prince Edward Island: The Pearson group are computational experts and help us study the behaviour of our ‘real’ catalyst systems. Visit Jason’s group.

Russ Kerr, University of Prince Edward Island: Our collaboration with the Kerr group involves linking bioactives to our polymers for use as drug delivery systems. Visit Russ’s group.

Brian Wagner,  University of Prince Edward Island: The Wagner group are experts in the fluorescence of supramolecular host-guest systems and we are collaborating with them on projects involving the synthesis of new polymer stars for drug delivery. Visit Brian’s site.

Bruce Grindley, Dalhousie University: Our collaboration with the Grindley group involves the synthesis of novel polymer stars from multifunctional cores. Visit Bruce’s site.

Rob Singer, St. Mary’s University: Our collaboration with the Singer group involves the synthesis of  novel catalysts with ionic liquid-derived ligands for use in ROP. Visit Rob’s site.

Do I currently collaborate with you and forgot to include you on the list? Let me know (and what site you want linked) because I am often a forgetful idiot.

Want to collaborate? Contact Dr. Shaver. We’re always willing to screen catalysts, provide expertise and expand our horizons.


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