Welcome to the gml-logoGreen Materials Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh. Led by Dr. Michael Shaver, Chancellor’s Fellow, the team works to develop improved catalysts, processes and polymers that are sustainable both economically and environmentally.

Feel free to explore! You can find more details about our research efforts, our research outputs, our team and how to join (and start drinking the Kool Aid) above or check out Dr. Shaver’s blog posts for an insight into our group (including links to Mike’s TEDx talk and comedy routine in the YouTube page). Recent posts are shown off to the right and the wonderful people who work in the group are shown below.


Mike is currently the Head of the Graduate School for the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh and also the founding Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Green Materials (thanks to the great Jeff Youngblood, Purdue University for taking over leadership!). You are invited to publish your excellent science or key review paper in our unique publication, driven by the backing of ICE Science – we really do believe that this journal is on its way to becoming the venue for world-class Green Materials science and engineering research. More details can be found by clicking the journal cover image below.


Recent Posts

Congratulations Vishal!

Vishal has just had his first publication accepted into Polymer Chemistry! The work investigates a novel biodegradable aromatic-aliphatic polyester synthesised through ROP with an aluminium salen catalyst. Check it out below: “Thermal, structural and degradation properties of an aromatic–aliphatic polyester built through ring-opening polymerisation“

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